A full-featured video and audio communication platform that is fully integrated within HSCloud™.
Powerful Data Within A Virtual Framework
Perform inspections remotely via video call, while simultaneously capturing pertinent regulatory data. GovCall™ provides the same level of control that users are accustomed to, but within a remote setting.
Modern Telehealth for Government
Serve citizens efficiently and effectively by leveraging an innovative telehealth platform that is optimized for government and clinics. GovCall™ maintains the same level of productivity while utilizing technology to enhance the communicational experience.
Optimized with Accessibility & Security
GovCall™ is HIPAA compliant and highly secure so there is no need to download an app – all of the functionality is native within modern web browsers which improve security and accessibility for citizens.

How It Works

The pandemic has made video conferencing and virtual collaboration mission-critical for government agencies. GovCall™ is a full-featured video and audio collaboration platform that is fully integrated within HSCloud which means your teleconferencing platform and data management platforms act as one. From virtual inspections to clinical health appointments to contact tracing, having integrated data management and teleconferencing systems saves time, reduces overhead and enables a new paradigm for TeleGov.
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Our Product Suite


Software for end-to-end inspection and permit management.


Easily conduct field inspections anywhere, even offline


Automatically display inspection results to citizens.


Payment platform for government revenue collection.